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These few screenshots will give you a foretaste of the mod. If you have a high-speed connexion, download our trailer now ...

Mirror effect

The electromagnetic minigun

Explosion blast

Cluster grenade

Electronic rocket

Flame thrower

Soldiers burning ...


Flashlight+ lens-flare

The big glass elevator ...

Outdoor stage

Alien-invaded level

The tank you can drive ...

The tank

The tank


Outdoor stage


Test lab

The rpg soldier

The rpg soldier once more

A nice explosion...

Lens-flare effect

Nice head shot with sniper rifle

New spark effect

A full-of-gas level

Few body parts left ...

This guy lost his arm ...

... and that one his head

The TANK you can drive

Animated bullet impacts

The sniper

The new particle system

Vision with the IR gun

Infrared vision

The osprey...

High resolution decals


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