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INVASION is a singleplayer modification of the famous game Half-Life. But a lot of innovations have been added. Among the most important new features, one can mention :

- 44 maps : 5 levels of about 10 maps each.
- 16 weapons, including 12 new ( infrared gun, flame thrower, sniper rifle ... )
- 2 new human enemies ( rocket launcher soldier and sniper ) and 2 new alien monsters.
- a tank that you can drive and make its turret rotate independantly from the chassis.
- a high definition bullet impact system, and particles blowing up from the walls on impact.
- an entirely renewed protective suit, with a member-per-member damage management, and the possibility to stock batteries and medkits for subsequent use.
- several gameplay innovations as digitpads use, or several kinds of ammo for the rocket launcher.
- subtitles available in French, English, Spanish and German.


The HL Invasion scenario starts at the end of Half-Life. Remember, you were in a train with the strange G-man ... Fortunately, scientists hidden in a subsidiary laboratory with Black Mesa manage to repatriate you there with a space probe, in which you jumped just before the G-man kills you. Once awoken, you discover this secret laboratory that the government forces haven't discovered yet. You are watching a teleportation experience, when suddenly overtrained marines invade this hiding place ... From this moment, you'll never be alone ... This new trip will lead you into subsidiary areas with Black Mesa where you'll get more revelations about the government objectives and the world of Xen ...



The Half-Life Invasion team has given an interview to the Half Life Design site, available here ( French ).

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